Nano Crystal

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Nano Crystal

A glossy black sports coupe beckons you from the car lot. A vibrant blue pickup appeals to you from the ad. One of the features that attracts you to a particular model of vehicle is the paint colour. Whether you like the bold blues and reds or prefer the darker black and brown or the neutral shades of grey or white, the colour is just one of the aspects of a vehicle that impresses you. Unfortunately, that colour seldom lasts. It fades, cracks and turns dull over time.

Advanced technology from Diamond Kote called NanoCrystal is changing the way cars look after they drive off the lot. This new system provides enhanced protection for your vehicle to keep it looking just like new for many years.

What is NanoCrystal?

The NanoCrystal Advanced Paint Protection System is an application process that is formed in two stages. It uses fluoropolymer additives and ultraviolet filters and is transparent to cover the painted surface without altering the shade. It bonds to the paint like a thin film and provides a solid barrier between it and the environment.

Your vehicle faces numerous environmental factors each day that can cause damage over time. These include:

  • Corrosive Road Chemicals
  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Pollution
  • Ultraviolet Rays

All of these factors work to corrode the paint and cause it to fade and break down.

Nano Crystal Paint Protection

How NanoCrystal Protects Your Investment

Normally, colour is painted onto your vehicle and then a clear coat is put on top before the vehicle is ready to ship from the factory. NanoCrystal can be applied before you purchase the vehicle and drive it home. It is designed to act as a barrier between the paint and the environmental hazards that are faced every day. Instead of penetrating to the paint and causing damage, the pollutants bounce off.

This product uses nano-molecular technology to protect your vehicle's paint. Billions of these nano molecules can fit on the head of a pin, so imagine how many of them cover your vehicle to prevent access to the paint underneath.

Paint that is faded, chipped or otherwise damaged will cause your vehicle to have a lower resale value. This happens whether you are using it as a trade-in or selling it privately. When you protect the paint with the NanoCyrstal system, you preserve its value for years. It comes with a ten-year comprehensive environmental protection warranty and outlasts anything else on the market today.

Buy a sports coupe, sedan, truck or SUV and protect the paint job with the new NanoCrystal paint protection. This product is available at your local Greater Vancouver Mazda Dealer - West Coast Mazda. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, stop by and talk to the sales staff at West Coast Mazda to find out more about this NanoCrystal.