2022 Mazda Model Lineup

New 2022 Mazda Cars & SUV Models

The streak of defiance and adventure that runs through Mazda cars and SUVs has its roots in the heritage of Hiroshima, our home in Japan. At Mazda, we are ready for any challenge we may face on the road to creating great vehicles.

No matter how rough the terrain ahead may be, we never allow ourselves to get bogged down. Mazda Canada proudly offers Canadians vehicles that celebrate the joy of driving and this stands true for 2022 Mazda Models.

View the current New 2022 Mazda Cars and SUVs Lineup with West Coast Mazda.

2022 Mazda Models

Mazda Motor Corporation announced plans to expand its global SUV lineup starting from 2022. The new models will include the Mazda CX-50 to be produced in our new U.S. plant, as well as models in our Large Product group, including the Mazda CX-60, Mazda CX-70, Mazda CX-80, and Mazda CX-90, all of which are slated for introduction in various global markets between 2022 and 2023.

Mazda Canada aims to offer customers a diverse choice of SUVs able to provide both the driving pleasure and the latest environmental performance to meet demands in the continually growing global SUV segment.


  • 2022 Mazda3
  • 2022 Mazda3 Sport
  • 2022 Mazda MX-5 Soft Top
  • 2022 Mazda MX-5 RF