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Mazda Graduate Program

You have completed your post-secondary education and you are looking to treat yourself. You deserve it, you have worked hard for many years. You have now completed countless assignments, attended endless lectures and spent a lot of money. Now that all the hard work is done, it is time to reward yourself. It is time to kick that old car to the curb for good and hop behind the wheel of a brand new Mazda.

If you've graduated in the last 2 years from an accredited Canadian university or college, you may be eligible for a cash award on virtually any new Mazda vehicleThe Mazda Graduate Program can help you get started by giving you up to $1,000.

Here is a list of cash award amounts and vehicles which can be used as a down payment:

  • MAZDA2 - $300
  • MAZDA3 and Mazda 3 Sport - $400
  • MAZDASPEED3 - $500
  • MAZDA5 - $400
  • MAZDA6 - $500
  • CX-5 - $400
  • CX-7 - $500
  • CX-9 - $1000
  • MX-5 - $1000

This is a program to help recently graduated students get the car of their dreams to reward themselves for all their hard work. This could mean you. Don't miss out on this opportunity and stop by your local Greater Vancouver Mazda Dealer - West Coast Mazda.