West Coast Mazda and CarFax want to help take the stress out of purchasing a used vehicle. With CarFax, you are able to make your purchase decision with more information about the history of the vehicle. The introduction of CarFax badges also aid in this decision. CarFax badges make it easy for shoppers to see what great qualities a pre-owned vehicle has. To use the CarFax Report to your full advantage, you need to know what it's all about.


The CaFax Report

The CarFax Vehicle History Report tells you several things you'll want to know about the vehicle you're considering purchasing. This data includes the following:

  • Any prior accidents or insurance claims - it tells type of incident and the amount of the damage
  • Lien data - lists any current liens for the vehicle, only service for cross-Canada lien information
  • Registration - tells which provinces the vehicle has been registered in and if it has any negative branding
  • US history - provides information of any prior US history

Data is presented in real-time, which means it's current and up to date. Information is gleaned from the government, both private and public insurance agencies and other companies.

Why CarFax?

CarFax has access to a range of information to create a comprehensive report for the history of your vehicle. These reports provide you with added confidence not only in the vehicle you want to purchase, but the dealership you are working with. The CarFax report is trusted around Canada by consumers, lenders, manufacturers, insurance companies and other professionals in the automotive industry.

If a vehicle has an accident history, you will be aware should you decide to purchase it. You'll have in-depth information about the incident and be able to verify for yourself if the damage was repaired. If you do decide to continue with the purchase, you'll have a better idea of the value of the vehicle, so you don't end up paying more than what it's worth.

According to the CarFax website, 37% of vehicles have a lien against them. When you read the CarFax vehicle history report, you can find out before you make the purchase and avoid getting stuck with someone else's loan.

CarFax Badges

CarFax has made badges available to dealerships, which they may display on their listings to give consumers added confidence in the vehicles they have for sale. These badges allow buyers to identify at a glance a car, SUV or truck that is:

  • Accident Free
  • Has Low Kilometers
  • Has Had Only One owner
  • Comes In Top Condition

As you scroll down the listings looking for your next new pre-owned vehicle, you can select one which includes those badges.

It is the goal for West Coast Mazda and the West Coast Auto Group, to provide all of the tools necessary to help you find a vehicle that's right for you. By providing a CarFax Vehicle History Report for the vehicle you intend to purchase, it ensures a greater layer of transparency in the car buying process to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Visit your local Greater Vancouver Mazda Dealer - West Coast Mazda today and speak to one of our sales representatives about your next Mazda vehicle. We look forward to helping you with any and all paperwork, including the vehicle's CarFax Report.