All-wheel drive provides better traction on wet or slippery pavement, but Mazda's i-ACTIV all-wheel drive does so much more. This on-demand system is ready for action whenever conditions change or the driver makes an alteration in direction. The result is a more confident drive.

Sensors are placed in strategic locations on the i-ACTIV all-wheel drive system to monitor the road conditions 200 times every second. These sensors monitor the outside temperature and amount of torque needed to turn the wheels as well as the weight of the load on the engine. When the windshield wipers are in operation, it impacts the sensors to tell them it's snowing or raining. The sensors can tell if the vehicle is going up a hill or trying to make a turn. This information enables the system to tell if the wheels will slip and to take corrective action before it happens.

To accurately determine the driver's intentions, the system uses information about what is occurring. For instance, it may record acceleration, pressure on the brake and other considerations to know how to maintain optimal control. The system sends only the amount of torque needed to prevent slippage. This ensures optimal fuel efficiency while maintaining safety and stability in a variety of conditions. Because of the constant monitoring of the wheels, the system can provide quick response for an improved drive. This ensures the driver can feel confident in making turns, accelerating, and braking while avoiding slippage.

The i-ACTIV all-wheel drive system provides safety, stability and efficiency in an innovative system. To learn more about this system and see the models with all-wheel drive, visit your local Greater Vancouver Dealer - West Coast Mazda.