Mazda Financing / Leasing

West Coast Mazda Financing

When you are shopping for a new car, one of the things you must look at is your financing options. With West Coast Mazda, you have the option to purchase and finance or lease your vehicle. Both options are great for car buyers, but each one works differently to suit various types of buyers. Here are some details about both programs.



Leasing with West Coast Mazda

Leasing is an option at West Coast Mazda to help you buy your next new car. Leasing differs from financing in several ways. While you make a monthly payment, just like with financing, you will have the option at the end of the term to purchase the vehicle or lease another one. You also generally pay less each month than if you were financing to buy.

There are several benefits of leasing:

  • You can drive a more expensive car than what you could afford to buy because of the lower monthly payments.
  • With lease terms designed to fit your needs, you can have a new car more often.
  • Taxes are based on the monthly payment instead of the entire purchase price as with financing.
  • There are no administration or disposal fees with West Coast Mazda, as with many others companies.


It's also important to understand all of the terms associated with leasing. Contracts differ between companies so one should never assume that the terms are all the same. There are generally limits on mileage that must be adhered to, or you risk paying an overage fee. You must provide regular maintenance for your vehicle and ensure that it remains in excellent condition. This means no dents, chips, or scratches at the end of the lease or you may incur other costs.


Financing with West Coast Mazda

Financing is another option for you to find the car of your dreams at West Coast Mazda. This choice allows you to pay a monthly payment for a period of time, and at the end of the term the vehicle will be yours. It differs most significantly from leasing in that you are buying the vehicle outright instead of paying for the use of it. While the payments with financing are often higher than with leasing, there are several benefits:

  • You can reduce interest charges by paying off your loan ahead of time.
  • No charges for extra mileage or wear and tear.
  • You may enjoy flexible terms with a longer finance period.
  • You can build equity in the car while you make payments.

The greatest benefit of financing for many people is that they will own the car at the end of the financing period. They then have the choice of trading in their vehicle, selling it privately, or keeping it with no monthly payments.


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Making the Right Choice

While leasing and financing are great options to help anyone afford the vehicle they want and need, both methods aren't for everyone. The choice of which one is best depends on your personal needs and future plans. Talk to your West Coast Mazda sales representative about the options available in detail to get you behind the wheel of your next new vehicle.