What is SKYACTIV Technology?

SKYACTIV Technology is so more than just marketing - it's a complete rethink of every component of the car. George Benda from Mazda Canada helps explain what SKYACTIV Technology is all about
SkyActiv technology is a philosophy of design that Mazda has some up with over the past 10 years or so where we take a look at the engine, the drivetrain the whole car and say "How can we improve on what we have done historically, what the industry has historically done and we have picked the whole car apart and ask our engineers "How can we improve this? If you had a clean sheet what would you do?" So the design engineers came up with the new body style; something that flows, something lighter and stronger. The heart of the entire thing is the engine and transmission so we came up with the idea that if we changed the compression ratio to 14:1 or 13:1 in Canada with regular fuel

It is proven technology and we want to take the best of everything and incorporate it into our engines. The number of engine failures we have seen is amazingly low. How far can we go on a tank of fuel? I can go back and forth to Kelowna 4 times on one tank of gas.We want good torque and not horse power, that is what is going to give you the sporty feel. We lock the converter so the engine does not rev and then try and catch up.Safety is a 2 part thing. One part is avoiding the collision to begin with. The other is to survive after the actual collision